About Us

About Us

We stand out through our
commitment to high standards,
education and well-being.

First launched in 2005, Ivy Kids goes beyond standard childcare. Our state-of-the-art facilities are centered on an exclusive curriculum that today’s discerning parents want when seeking quality care and education for their young children. Ivy Kids goes beyond the standard children’s education franchise model, as well. Our dedicated, founding team is personally committed to providing best-in-class information,

training, and support including unrivaled knowledge in real estate and site development. In fact, an Ivy Kids franchise is a business that you can grow on two fronts – both through providing top-quality services in the growing children’s education industry and by building equity in a valuable real estate asset: your center location. Find out more about the Ivy Kids children’s education franchise and requirements for ownership. Visit our Frequently
Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us at
855 IVY-KIDS or franchise@ivykids.com.

Our Founders & History

Our Founders, Alnoor and Laila Bandali, developed Ivy Kids as they sought to find a school for their own young children in the early 2000’s. They wanted to properly jumpstart their children’s education and learning, train them to be
well-mannered socially, and help them fit into modern society. When they could not find a
school that delivered all of the attributes they
were looking for, they began developing the concept behind Ivy Kids

As educated professionals themselves, Al and Laila understood the value of a good education and wanted the best for their children – and others. They applied their knowledge base and professional training to creating an ideal environment for kids to learn and thrive. With degrees in engineering and biochemistry, and having worked for major companies and oil refineries throughout their careers, they knew the importance of establishing processes, using scientific methodologies, increasing efficiency, and always ensuring safety.They applied this focus as they began initial Ivy Kids center operations in Pearland, Texas in 2005.

It wasn’t long before they’d opened additional locations – with a total of five centers currently
in operation. Even after more than a decade,
Al and Laila still play an active role in Ivy Kids operations, and are committed to continuing
to do so – especially as franchise owners come
on board. In fact, unlike many other industry players, Ivy Kids is not owned by an impersonal private equity group, but rather run more like
a family organization.

Our award-winning founding team remains dedicated to the growth of the Ivy Kids concept; and equally committed to giving back to the community — from working with local charities, including support groups for domestic violence, to assistance to hurricane victims and more… we’re more than just businesspeople. We truly care. Let us demonstrate the Ivy Kids difference to you. Contact us at 855-IVY-KIDS or franchise@ivykids.com. Or, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page
or request More Information.