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5 Reasons Ivy Kids Franchises Stand Out

Ivy Kids franchises are a standout in the industry for many reasons. If you’re here, you’re likely debating whether to partner with Ivy Kids, a competing pre-school franchise, or to open a new business independently. The truth is, when you choose Ivy Kids you’ll enjoy many exclusive benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. Here, check out a few of the best reasons to open an Ivy Kids franchise.

1. Strong Financial Returns

The total investment in an Ivy Kids franchise is lower than our competitors charge for a location of the same size. Best of all, ours is a lucrative opportunity with the potential for strong financial returns: an average Ivy Kids franchise location does $2,065,117 in annual revenue with an EBITDAR of $683,257.

2. Our Brain Bites Nutrition Program

The physical and cognitive benefits of healthy nutrition, as is widely understood, is crucial to a child’s development. Other pre-school franchises sometimes include meals and snacks in the price of tuition, but Ivy Kids goes a step further. Each of our locations has its own chef curating a varied selection of healthy and nutritious foods for our students. We use ingredients that provide children with maximum brainpower so they can get the most out of their day. This is just one way that Ivy Kids can help kids now while also laying a strong foundation for the future. 

3. Ivy Kids Franchises Prioritize Safety

All parents value safety when it comes to childcare, and Ivy Kids goes above and beyond in this regard as well. Our staff is fully trained in CPR and first aid, so they’re prepared to handle unexpected situations. Furthermore, we take building security seriously, and we utilize technologies like auto-lock doors and webcams. Ivy Kids’ dedication to security goes beyond what’s required, and parents appreciate this competitive difference.  

4. Strong Leadership

Unlike many franchises, Ivy Kids is still run by its original founders. That means that the people behind the wheel of our company have actually opened their own locations and are still invested in them. You’ll be learning directly from people who have walked in your shoes, and who understand the business model inside and out because they developed it themselves. 

Since we’re personally committed to the success of our brand, you can count on us to stay up-to-date on industry best practices and new trends so that your location remains competitive. Of course, we’re always here to answer questions and provide you with guidance as well.

5. A Strong Network of Franchisees

While our franchisees come from many different backgrounds, they do have a few things in common: They’re passionate about children, education, and positively contributing to their community. They want to do more than simply provide parents with excellent childcare, they want to contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals.

Having all of this in common means you won’t need to go it alone as an Ivy Kids franchisee. You’ll have a strong network of peers you can rely on to share ideas, collaborate, and learn from. Indeed, one of the best reasons to choose Ivy Kids is that you won’t need to go it alone.

These are just a few of the reasons that our preschool franchise stands out in the industry. Ready to learn more about what we have to offer? Contact Ivy Kids today!

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