The Brain Bites Program: Our Child Care Franchise Is Setting Students Up for Success

When parents are looking at child care franchise options for their child to attend, they’ll quickly realize that many different features set each one apart.

A child care business with Ivy Kids is a unique opportunity for franchisees. We go above and beyond standard guidelines to provide the best nutrition for our students with the Brain Bites program. Other child care franchise opportunities may provide meals, but none offer what Ivy Kids does.

Recent research published in Nutrients compiled 14 studies on the diets of children. Schools were found to have significantly improved the nutritional value of their meals after implementing updated nutritional standards, thus positively impacting the students’ health and well-being.

The Brain Bites program at Ivy Kids child care franchise includes two snacks and two meals as part of our tuition. That’s right; there is no additional cost to the families. Our goal is to have the Brain Bites program encapsulate our entire nutrition program. We take full advantage of our on-site culinary spaces by preparing everything fresh. Snacks focus on fresh fruit, and lunch is based on vegetables and proteins. Our commitment is to see that every piece of food we offer is fresh.

We pilot our recipes to make sure that children will enjoy every meal!

toddler eating lunch

There are four critical areas that Ivy Kids focuses on with the Brain Bites program.

  1. Rely on fresh fruit. No canned or packaged fruit is found at our schools; they usually have more sugar and less vitamin C.
  2. Use quality vegetables. We only use fresh or flash-frozen vegetables; none are canned. Canned vegetables tend to contain 50 percent less protein and 12 percent more sodium.
  3. No pre-formed or pre-cooked meats. The meats we serve our students are only fresh: no pre-seasoning, no nuggets, and no sticks. We only use lean beef, turkey, and chicken.
  4. Whole grains are king. We have minimums for all meals, but especially with our grains. All pre-breaded proteins need to have a certain percentage of whole grains. This element also applies to breads and baked goods.

Every snack and meal prepared by certified chefs at Ivy Kids and are designed to be nutritious, fresh, and delicious. We keep our students’ health and brain development in mind, and we do so by focusing on maximum brain power ingredients. These ingredients include whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruit and vegetables that are cut in-house.

toddlers eating lunch

We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our meals at Ivy Kids. Therefore, we cater to most food allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences. Our food has no food dyes and is prepared in a nut-free kitchen.

Another aspect of the Ivy Kids Brain Bites program is to instill healthy eating habits. We try to expand the palates of the children in our care. We take nutrition very seriously but try not to push our students too far. Children may need to try foods up to 15 times before they decide if they like them or not. We’ve found that providing fresh, healthy foods in the company of peers can help and encourage kids to try new things. We try to introduce new foods to our children often, and parents really appreciate that. It makes us proud when a parent expresses surprise when they discover their child likes a new food item.

We adhere to all nutrition guidelines for meals and snacks, including CACFP nutrition standards, the Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Regulations, and guides. Our centers feature separate cafeterias to get children of all ages (except infants) up and out of their classrooms while also preparing them for the transition to elementary school.

teaching gardening to toddlers

If you’re looking for a child care franchise opportunity that focuses on the health and well-being of students, consider Ivy Kids. Our franchisees will be first to tell you that our child care business is a step above.

Contact us today to learn more about how to open a child care franchise with Ivy Kids.

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