Rural Childcare Opportunities Fuel Rising Return to Cities

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With the onset of the pandemic, many families fled cities for more affordable, more rural, and less densely populated exurbs. However, it looks as though the decline in COVID cases is ceasing the migration from cities and causing urban occupancy to rebound. As more cities continue to reverse course and recover, urban population growth has been steadily rising in metropolitan areas across the country. 

While having to return to the office is one of the reasons why more families are moving back to cities, the lack of childcare opportunities in rural areas is also driving parents to reevaluate urban schooling and care options. Not only is childcare expensive in rural areas, but it’s not even an available option for some families.

Childcare deserts are unfortunately not a new problem; even before the pandemic, around half of Americans lived in a childcare desert. In these instances, the number of children outnumbered available licensed care spots by at least three to one. Childcare deserts are a huge problem everywhere, but the hardest hit by childcare shortages are low-income rural areas with high Hispanic or Latino populations.

Without an adequate number of licensed childcare providers, there are much greater implications at stake: labor force participation and the overall economy. The research data corroborates this, as childcare deserts are associated with fewer working mothers. Parents of young children participate in the labor force, and moving to rural areas without childcare options can force parents into working less or leaving the workforce entirely to care for their children.

Families across the country are looking for available and affordable high-quality child care. Who better to serve the communities that need care than Ivy Kids?

Why Ivy Kids offer great childcare opportunities?

Ivy Kids is the premier education franchise option. We’re a great opportunity for like-minded investors to build strong businesses in the early childhood education industry and provide top-notch child care to families in their communities.

It’s our mission to help the children we serve reach their fullest potential. We stand out from other opportunities by utilizing a proprietary curriculum that’s backed by proven educational research and goes beyond basic child care: we’re focused on learning and academic preparation for success. 

We’re looking for new franchisees to help us continue to strengthen our unique brand culture of caring and engagement. Franchise owners enjoy comprehensive startup (and beyond) support, a proven business model, multi-unit opportunities, an experienced team dedicated to their success, and so much more.

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With childcare deserts affecting many rural communities across the country, there’s never been a better time to bring an Ivy Kids franchise to your neighborhood, whether you live in the city or the suburbs.

Contact us today to learn more about franchising with Ivy Kids and our childcare opportunities.


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