Why You Should Consider an Early Childhood Education Franchise with Ivy Kids

Early Childhood Education Franchise

Emily Lian

If you’re interested in opening an early childhood education franchise with Ivy Kids, get to know them better in a Q&A with Ivy Kids Vice President of Curriculum Development Emily Lian.

In addition to helping to develop the proprietary curriculum at Ivy Kids, Ms. Lian does all of the curriculum-related training for the franchise.

She started out in the classroom as a 2s teacher and has worked in a variety of positions related to early childhood education since then. Ms. Lian earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Learning and Development, a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Here, in a Q&A, Ms. Lian discusses the important differences that set the Ivy Kids curriculum apart in their approach to early childhood education.


What were your goals when designing the Ivy Prep Curriculum for Ivy Kids?

To create the brightest curriculum possible! My focus, along with the rest of the curriculum team, is to pull the best from other programs we have all experienced in the past and apply mixed approaches and the latest research regarding early childhood education.

Ivy Kids utilizes Dr. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and focuses emphasis on the idea that people are all gifted in different ways. Dr. Gardner pushed back against conventional views about having a standard measure of intelligence and posited that there is more than one way to showcase and cultivate intelligence.

This theory allows for children to have a greater space for creativity and different ways to understand/interpret information.

How does the curriculum help create school readiness with core subject areas?learning at Ivy Kids

The theory of multiple intelligences helps create better opportunities to understand new concepts. For example, Ivy Kids is moving away from the traditional concept of introducing sight words: instead of giving children flashcards to memorize, we bring in active learning by allowing children use sounds and actions to form words.

Additionally, there’s a strong social component infused into the child experience at our centers. These foundations set children up for successful interactions with peers and adults, executive functions, strong foundations for school, and the ability to navigate the world. At Ivy Kids, it’s more than just academics.

How does Ivy Kids Early Childhood Education Franchise make things easier for parents?

Ivy Kids is focused on parent initiatives. Parents receive daily reports and are always welcome to come into centers, where weekly lesson plans and curriculum cards that show each and every lesson that is taught to their children are displayed. Ongoing initiatives include parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, and constant communication.

Ivy Kids communicates as much as possible with parents; they get copies of their children’s assessments, artwork, and activities. We go above and beyond with keeping parents abreast of their child’s progress. Ivy Kids is hoping to create a more robust parent information portal to disseminate relevant resources to families; this is currently in the works.

How are parents involved in the curriculum?

learning numbers at Ivy Kids

Ivy Kids features many events that are geared towards parents: Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, the annual Fall Festival, holiday celebrations (shows/programs); parents are around the center a lot.

Educators at Ivy Kids are very receptive to center surveys, so they can constantly have a pulse on where they are and where they can improve. Strengths and suggestions for improvement are discussed as a team. These conversations are paramount as they help to build initiatives and fuel progress forward.

How do franchise owners-operators benefit from the curriculum?

learning Science at Ivy Kids

We are passionate about child outcomes at Ivy Kids. The curriculum is one of the most prominent differentiators; it sets us apart from our competitors. Ivy Kids needs similarly present, passionate franchise owners to follow suit. Most preschools utilize a similar structure, security system, and playgrounds. But what sets Ivy Kids apart is our use of multiple intelligences as the basis for our pedagogy. We emphasize staying abreast of current research and best practices in everything we do.

An early childhood education franchise with Ivy Kids is a great way for passionate owners to get involved in an opportunity that’s above the rest.


Contact us today to learn more about how to open an early childhood education franchise with Ivy Kids.

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