Top-Notch Facilities and Research-Based Curriculum Make the Decision to Open an Early Education Franchise Simple

Early Education Franchise

Ivy Kids is not “just a daycare.” Originally, Ivy Kids was founded to provide families with a great education for their children within a safe and warm environment. With over 15 years of experience, Ivy Kids has become a trusted early education provider that is beloved by parents. We’re proud to bring everything together and make sure our facility, philosophy, safety, curriculum, food, classrooms, and science and Spanish programs align to create a harmonious educational experience for our students.

Opening an early education franchise with us is a great way to ensure that the children in your community are receiving exemplary care at their homes away from home.


Facilities Focused on Early Education and Well-Being

Our student’s safety is our top priority. We incorporate multiple safety features into our facilities, like our WatchMeGrow camera monitoring system, so that parents can have peace of mind by having access at any time, anywhere, including on their smartphones. We also feature auto-lock doors and gates, touchscreen monitors, high-visibility windows, and patented safety procedures designed to keep children safe and secure.

open an early education franchise

The Ivy Kids facilities have been designed to ease parents’ stress and provide a safe environment for learning. Outside, our facilities feature covered pick-up and drop-off lanes, mulch-free playgrounds, and air-conditioned buses. Inside, you’ll discover bright, spacious classrooms, on-site laundry services, science labs, and SMART boards.

The classroom environments at Ivy Kids are warm, nurturing, and bright. We emphasize active learning through play with enthusiastic teachers, age-appropriate play stations and learning centers, and safe, fun playgrounds.

Each facility features a fully equipped commercial kitchen, and we employ only certified chefs. The meals and snacks we provide daily are nutritious, fresh, and delicious, and unlike other childcare providers, they’re included in the tuition fee. We showcase healthy food and healthy eating habits to help support brain development for our students. Additionally, our food has no food dyes or peanuts, and we can accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions.

The Demand for Child Care and a Compelling Business Model Sets Ivy Kids Apart

Ivy Kids is in a league of its own, and there are no better options to consider when looking to open an early education franchise.

open an early education franchise

The U.S. early childhood education business is part of a growing industry that is now worth nearly $42bn, with early education franchise businesses showing a nearly 9 percent bump in 2020. As the world continues to open up post-pandemic, more parents will be heading back to the office, making this category primed for even further growth. This factor, along with the increase in dual-income families, positions the early education franchise industry among those that fall into a recession-resistant category.

Ivy Kids features a unique opportunity for franchisees to improve lives and help set kids up for success. In the same vein, we support our franchise owners by offering industry-leading, comprehensive training, and support. Our support doesn’t end when training does; in fact, we’re there for you with ongoing training, professional development, and updates on best practices.

Our efficient and effective business model eliminates all of the legwork for you, regardless of whether you have experience; all you need to worry about is mastering our systems. Opening an early education franchise with Ivy Kids saves you time, money, and hassle.

At the Heart of It All

The students at Ivy Kids are unique individuals, and we strive to treat them as such. Our goal is to ensure that children can grow to their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment. The philosophy we employ appeals to children’s ability to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically.

Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory inspired our IvyPrep multiple intelligence-based curriculum that every individual has gifts in different areas of the brain. When we tap into this genius, we can unlock their limitless potential. Our curriculum nurtures every child’s unique gifts and information processing abilities and is designed to: engage all eight of the multiple intelligences (kinesthetic, naturalistic, linguistic, intrapersonal, musical, visual, logical, and interpersonal), cater to learning style diversity, facilitate active learning and expand a child’s experiences, help parents better understand their kid’s strengths, and cultivate a lifelong joy in learning and a foundation for future academic and life success.

We believe in a focus on science and language. Our weekly science lessons feature experiments and encourage exploration through new connections. We value the importance of language learning and thus integrate Spanish into daily interactions, with instruction by a Spanish teacher twice a week.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity to help shape the future, consider opening an early education franchise with Ivy Kids.

Contact us today to learn more about how Ivy Kids makes it simple to open an early education franchise.

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