What’s Included In Ivy Kids’ Daycare Franchise Opportunities?

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Are you passionate about early childhood education and entrepreneurship? Ivy Kids Early Learning Center offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to run a business that makes an impact on the community by shaping the futures of young minds. Let’s take a look at what’s included in Ivy Kids’ daycare franchise opportunities and what makes our business a standout choice for entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive Support and Training

Ivy Kids offers a comprehensive training and support program to facilitate the success of our franchisees. Our franchise training program spans three weeks at our headquarters in Houston, Texas, covering essential aspects of business ownership such as record-keeping, enrolling new families, hiring teachers, and more. 

After this intensive training, franchisees receive an additional two weeks of on-site assistance at their Ivy Kids location once they’re up and running, helping them apply their knowledge for a successful grand opening. 

We also provide ongoing professional development and training to keep franchisees updated on industry best practices. Our support encompasses the following: 

  • Site selection assistance
  • Marketing
  • Guidance in the construction or setup of physical business locations
  • A comprehensive operations manual
  • Ongoing business consulting visits from our team 

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Real Estate Assistance

We provide our franchisees with real estate development support, helping simplify the process from conception to operation. Our experienced real estate team is with franchisees every step of the way, offering assistance with site selection, demographic studies, feasibility assessments, and how to secure permits. 

Our real estate support also extends to construction management training, aiding owners in locating, designing, and developing new schools within their communities. At Ivy Kids, we’re committed to supporting franchisees through the complexities of business ownership and aim to make the building and launching of an Ivy Kids childcare center more efficient for franchise owners.

In-Demand Services and Curriculum

Families choose Ivy Kids for our in-demand services, including a proprietary, research-based curriculum known as MultiPrep. This curriculum, developed after extensive research into the most recent theories and approaches in early childhood education, sets the foundation for effective learning. MultiPrep, inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, incorporates hands-on, engaging activities to nurture a love for learning. We also provide a World Changers Program focusing on learning about community leaders, and our BrainBites nutrition program encouraging healthy eating. When you become an Ivy Kids franchisee, you’ll be positioned as a premium STEM and academically focused childcare provider, meeting the needs of modern families seeking high-quality education for their children.

Diverse Daycare Franchise Models

Ivy Kids offers three distinct real estate models catering to different investment levels and space requirements, making our franchise opportunity more accessible for entrepreneurs with varying capacities. 

Long-Term Lease

  • Liquid Capital Required: $300,000 with an SBA loan
  • Total Initial Investment: $1,053,500 to $1,363,000
  • Ownership Structure: Franchisees lease their location


  • Liquid Capital Required: $400,000 to $500,000 with an SBA loan
  • Total Initial Investment: $3,882,000 to $4,875,000
  • Ownership Structure: Franchisees own a location of approximately 10,000 square feet


  • Liquid Capital Required: $450,000 to $550,000 with an SBA loan
  • Total Initial Investment: $4,837,500 to $5,400,000
  • Ownership Structure: Franchisees own a location of approximately 15,000 square feet

Ivy Kids offers a holistic approach to entrepreneurship in early childhood education, making us a compelling choice for those looking to positively impact the lives of young learners while building a successful business.

Contact us today and speak to our friendly Ivy Kids Early Learning Center franchise team for more information on our franchising opportunity.

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