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Invest in the Childcare Franchise Industry with Ivy Kids

There’s never been a better time to invest in the childcare franchise industry by opening your own early learning center. Ivy Kids is just the partner you’ve been looking for to help you get started. Our model operates at the intersection of early childhood education and childcare, so we’re able to leverage multiple revenue streams and work with a wide range of customers. Our expertise and knowledge helps our franchisees get their businesses off to a strong start, and they can count on our ongoing support as they grow. Here, learn more about the great reasons to choose the childcare franchise industry for your investment.

Helping Parents Access the Childcare They Need

Childcare is a $59 billion industry, which isn’t surprising considering how many families need this service. Parents are always looking for high-quality childcare that grants them peace of mind while they’re at work, and Ivy Kids goes above and beyond. Parents rank safety as one of the top considerations they look for when evaluating childcare providers. Ivy Kids excels in this regard. We utilize a number of safety and security measures at our centers, including:

  • Full-day monitoring for parents via webcams
  • Auto-lock doors and gates
  • Touchscreen monitoring
  • Staff fully trained in CPR and first aid 

This attention to the details is a major competitive advantage, setting Ivy Kids apart from competing childcare providers.

Of course, Ivy Kids figures prominently in the childcare franchise industry because, in addition to providing a safe place for children, we also offer top-notch academics.

Preparing Children for Academic Excellence

Another factor parents highly value is an education-based program. That’s no surprise: every parent wants their child to achieve their goals, and education is key in that regard. The best colleges are highly competitive, so many families are starting to prepare their children as early as possible. Our founders are on the same page. They wanted their children to have every educational advantage, and they used their experience and knowledge to create Ivy Kids. 

Our system is different from other preschool programs because we use well-established educational research to drive our curriculum. In particular, Harvard Professor Howard Gardner’s research into multiple intelligences. We’ve created a system that allows each child to tap into their unique gifts and interests, preparing them for academic success. Parents love that Ivy Kids puts students on the fast track to achieving their goals. 

We Know the Childcare Franchise Industry

One of the best parts about partnering with Ivy Kids is that you don’t need to be an expert in early childhood education to get started. We’ve opened numerous Ivy Kids franchises, and we’ve gotten the process down to a science. That being said, we’re still a new franchise – now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity. In fact, Entrepreneur ranked us #35 on their 2020 list of Top New Franchises! Once your location is up and running, all you need to do is implement our proven business model and work with our team for support. We stay on top of industry trends and changes, so you don’t have to!

Contact Ivy Kids today to learn more about what it takes to break into the childcare franchise industry.

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