Brain Bites

Our School Nutrition Program

Brain Bites:

Our School Nutrition Program

There are many great reasons why Ivy Kids is a standout child care franchise opportunity. As the premier childhood education franchise, we provide in-demand services that other child care centers do not: a comprehensive security program, a proprietary active learning curriculum, other immensely valuable add-on services for multiple streams of revenue, and our advanced school nutrition program, Brain Bites.

kids eating nutritious lunch at a childcare center

Balanced nutrition is an essential part of early childhood development. Per the CDC, healthy eating “is important for proper growth and development and to prevent various health conditions.” Dietary guidelines recommend that children eat:

  • A variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fat-free and low-fat dairy products
  • A variety of proteins

In these guidelines, it is also recommended that children limit calories from solid fats, added sugars, and high sodium foods. 

As a child care provider, Ivy Kids is in the position to provide our students with opportunities for healthy eating behaviors so that they can continue on a path of educational excellence. Poor nutrition programs in schools can hamper brain development, negatively impacting early information processing, language skills, and behavioral development. Following a healthy diet can help students improve their cognitive function and memory, reduce absenteeism, and improve their mood. 

Brain Bites is our commitment to combating the negative effects of poor nutrition.

About Brain Bites

In caring for the child as a whole, Ivy Kids understands the importance of good nutrition programs for preschools. Ivy Kids child care centers feature on-site, culinary-certified chefs who prepare snacks and meals fresh daily. Our snacks and meals are designed to be nutritious, fresh, and delicious while providing maximum brain power ingredients. These ingredients include whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruit and vegetables that are cut in-house.

Our chefs lovingly base snacks and meals on a careful selection of recipes that focus on brain development and healthy eating habits, and that includes eliminating as many processed foods as possible. Fresh fruit is the focus for snacks, and lunch is based on vegetables and proteins. Our commitment is to see that every bit of food we offer is fresh. 

By serving young children a variety of foods, we’re able to expand their palates and teach good eating habits that will last a lifetime while ensuring each child is receiving the best nutrition possible while in our care.

Additionally, we’re able to cater to most food allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences. Our meals contain no food dyes and are prepared in a nut-free kitchen. Parents love knowing that their children are eating healthy while in our care, just as they would at home.

Why It Is Specific to Ivy Kids

While other franchises often focus on one element of child care versus another, Ivy Kids believes in nurturing children as a whole. Our goal is to nourish children’s minds and bodies – we’ve taken the time to develop our services and programs to provide wholesome care that encompasses every aspect of child development.

At Ivy Kids, we are focused on the health and well-being of our students. Unlike other child care franchises that may provide a snack of questionable quality, we provide two snacks and two meals a day at no additional cost to families. Parents love that Brain Bites is included in tuition and that their children are receiving the best possible nutrition while in our care.

While we take nutrition very seriously, we also understand that children may need to try new foods several times before deciding if they like them or not. We encourage children to experience new flavors by introducing new foods often, and we take the time to taste test our recipes to make sure they’re kid-friendly. Parents appreciate and are often surprised when they discover that their child has not only tried a new food item but loves it!

We adhere to all nutrition guidelines for meals and snacks, including CACFP nutrition standards, the Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Regulations, and guides. Our centers feature separate cafeterias to get children of all ages (except infants) up and out of their classrooms while also preparing them for the transition to elementary school.

Brain Bites is a key differentiator that not only sets our students up for lifelong success but provides our franchisees with a unique selling point. Our franchisees will be the first to tell you that Ivy Kids is a step above other child care businesses, especially when it comes to our school nutrition program.

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