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About Our Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Georgia

Ivy Kids has an exciting child care business opportunity in Georgia that’s a great fit for anyone looking to start their own early childhood education business. Ivy Kids is famous for going above and beyond what our competitors have to offer. Highly-qualified instructors, on-site chefs, and state-of-the-art security features make Ivy Kids a joy for parents and students alike. If you love the idea of working with children and their families in your Georgia community, ours could be the opportunity to fulfill your passion!

About Ivy Kids

We realize that you have your choice of early childhood education franchise opportunities in Georgia, so why choose Ivy Kids? Ivy Kids was founded by parents who desired a better early childhood education option for their very own children. Like all parents, they wanted their children to achieve their dreams, and in today’s world, that means doing well in school. Ivy Kids lays the foundation for children to develop a love of learning. By using a proprietary research-based curriculum, we nurture their strengths and help them build a wide range of skills that will serve them well throughout their education. With families facing the increasing need to work, businesses like Ivy Kids are in high demand.

Why Choose an Early Education Franchise Opportunity in Georgia?

Georgia is one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S., with a population that’s projected to grow by 17% through 2030 as more and more people make Georgia their home. One possible reason for the state’s rapid growth is the number of new businesses taking off. For instance, since its formation in 1990, the Georgia Research Alliance has leveraged $600 million of state funding into 150+ newly launched companies and more than $4 billion into direct federal and private investment in Georgia.

As Georgia continues to grow, so will the demand for quality early childhood education and child care. Single- and two-parent families both face an increasing need to work, creating a high demand for businesses like Ivy Kids.

Don’t have much child care experience? Don’t let that stop you from contacting us! Our time-tested systems are ready to be put to work – all you need to do is master our processes and implement them! Our team of experts will be there for you every step of the way, helping with everything from finding new families to serve to meeting your growth goals.

Contact Ivy Kids today to learn more about our child care franchise opportunity in Georgia.

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