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Our Proprietary Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Our Proprietary Early Education Franchise Curriculum

At Ivy Kids, we believe in nurturing the entire child. In order to do that, we’ve spent time researching the most recent theories and approaches to our early childhood education franchise. We used that information to develop our proprietary curriculum: MultiPrep.

MultiPrep incorporates the best principles of what early childhood educators and theorists worldwide adhere to. We’ve developed a curriculum that will instill lifelong learning skills in every child we teach. Early childhood is an important part of how a child learns and builds skill sets for the rest of their lives. We’ve made sure to focus on a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of helping a child gain a love of learning early on.

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When you franchise with Ivy Kids, you will own an early childhood learning center with a curriculum that includes:

  • Research from Dr. Howard Garnder and his theory of multiple intelligences.
  • Hands-on, engaging activities that cultivate an early love for learning.
  • Our World Changers Program that encourages children to learn about leaders in their area that commit to change and progress.
  • Our BrainBites nutrition program that supports the overall health of every child in our care.

Starting an early education franchise with Ivy Kids can help the children in your community unlock their full potential!

A Look Inside the Ivy Prep Learning Center and Its Benefits to Child Development

Each part of our early learning center curriculum is developed to enhance a child’s learning experience as a whole. Because of this interdisciplinary approach, each aspect of MultiPrep is designed to enhance a child’s life. No matter what lesson the child is focused on at the moment, it is created to build their skills to help them with future learning opportunities. 

MultiPrep’s focus on multiple intelligences uses each intelligence type to build on goals that include: 

  • Musical: Builds a high understanding of songs, patterns, rhythms, instruments, and musical expression.
  • Kinesthetic/Bodily: Excels in activity, games, movement, hands-on tasks, building, and tactile/sensory experiences.
  • Naturalistic: Fosters a love of the outdoors, animals, natural materials, and the ability to pick up on subtle differences.
  • Visual: Gains the ability to think in pictures, remember visual details, grasp the physical relation of objects and space, and be skilled in building.
  • Interpersonal: Develops a skill set that allows a focus on being people-oriented, outgoing, and cooperative while working in groups.
  • Intrapersonal: Helps the child develop an ability to be in touch with their own personal feelings, values and ideas, and intuition.
  • Logical/Mathematical: Encourages an aptitude for numbers, reasoning, problem-solving, and abstract thought.
  • Linguistic/Verbal: Strengthens the child’s language arts, speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

What Is the Ivy Kids World Changers Program and How Does It Help Support Our Mission?

We want our students to learn about leaders from the present and past who have made changes in their local community and the world at large. Because this is so important to Ivy Kids, we developed a way to teach our students about these exact things. Our Ivy Kids curriculum helps children build character and confidence because we believe those things, when combined with education, are what create a child that is born to be a world changer.

Our World Changers Program includes lesson plans that will instill basic values and character in children at an early age. This is another chance for Ivy Kids franchise owners to help make a positive change in their communities. Educating our students on fundamental values and the history of important men and women worldwide and locally will not only help inspire the children in your area to build a better world but will help support our mission to see them reach their fullest potential. 

Contact us today to learn more about the early education curriculum at our Ivy Kids early learning center child care franchise.

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